Hi, my name is Leslie. I’m an American who speaks Russian and Turkish. I’ve lived in Russia (Vladivostok, Taganrog) and traveled extensively in Eurasia and Turkey. I hold an MA in area studies (area: Eurasia) and in 2014 I began work on a PhD in demography. My (blog-relevant) interests include:

  • Soviet cultural and intellectual history
  • all aspects of the Russian “demographic crisis,” including fertility, health care and mortality
  • rural-to-urban migration, transnational labor migration in Eurasia and Europe
  • the minority peoples of the former Soviet Union; more broadly, ethnicity, race, identity and diaspora
  • what happens in Russia outside Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • literally anything about Siberia, and especially Lake Baikal
  • women’s rights, roles and lives in Eurasia
  • linguistic and cultural borrowing and the many other ways that cultures and people interact, share and shape each other

This is mostly a casual rather than an academic blog, though I do try to follow good research and citation practices.

The best way to contact me is through Twitter: @les_ja

Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know what you think.