I’m working on a short paper about nationality in the Crimean census, which I’ll be presenting at an upcoming interdisciplinary graduate student conference here at Berkeley, A Polarizing Europe. In it, I’ll be looking at the nationality results of the 1989, 2001, and 2014 Soviet/Ukrainian/Russian censuses in Crimea, and the reaction to the 2014 census.

My post about the preliminary nationality results seems to get a lot of hits, and as I’m working on this paper I’ve noted that the official data are actually quite different from the preliminary, so I wanted to update them here for interested parties.

This table includes population numbers and percentages for the three major ethnic groups in Crimea, plus Tatars (a census category intended for non-Crimean Tatars, e.g. Volga Tatars, Siberian Tatars, etc.; but widely supposed to actually include many Crimean Tatars) in the 2001 and 2014 censuses. Although my post about preliminary results included both the Republic of Crimea and the Federal City of Sevastopol, this data is just for the Republic. (I will try to update with Sevastopol data later!) 2001 data is from here. 2014 data is from here (PDF).

2001 2014 change in…
Nationality number percentage number percentage size share of pop.
Russian 1180400 58.32% 1188978 62.86% +0.73% +4.54%
Ukrainian 492200 24.32% 291603 15.42% -40.76% -8.90%
Crimean Tatar 243400 12.03% 229525 12.13% -5.70% +0.11%
Tatar 11000 0.54% 42254 2.23% +284.13% +1.69%
All others 97000 4.79% 139105 7.35% +43.41% +2.56%
Total 2024000 100% 1891465 100% -6.55% 0%