I can’t help but chuckle at this Onion article on the Miami Heat’s biggest fans, as a native Ohioan and, of course, as someone who enjoys mocking dictators. As I’m also currently in the thrall of Timothy Snyder’s excellent Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (brief review: read it if you want to be sadder about Poland than ever before), I appreciated that the crime they called Stalin on was the Ukrainian genocide, or Holodomor. Compared to his other crimes – the Great Terror and the GULAG chief among them – the Holodomor is relatively unknown and even contested, both among the Onion’s American readership and within the former Soviet Union (Ukraine excepted). Genocide recognition campaigns are a whole other ball of wax, but it is tragic when the popular historical memory omits such a huge catastrophe altogether. And it is, uh, nice to see a broader treatment of Stalin as the evil mastermind he was.