Russian speakers should definitely check out this video from Tuesday’s televised debate between presidential candidates Vladimir Zhirinovskiy and Mikhail Prokhorov. Aging but ever-relevant Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva (think Madonna in terms of star power) asks Zhirinovskiy a long-winded question about, essentially, how Russians can expect him to be a good public face for the country when he’s such a blustering jerk. Things quickly devolve into Zhirinovskiy screaming about how he says and does what he considers necessary, Pugacheva shouting “VY POZOR!” (“You are a disgrace!”) back at him, and Zhirinovskiy responding with increasingly unhinged insults (spoiler alert: he calls her a prostitute) and rants. There’s even Khrushchev-style banging on the table before the moderator, Vladimir Solovyov, finally cuts Zhirinovskiy off.

Someone needs to make a subtitled version of this.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of waiting for whatever is going to happen in Sunday’s presidential election. Stay tuned!